Meet Our Team


Our team functions like a well oiled machine. We all take pride in doing our part to make our team be the best it can be. Our crew is the perfect blend of precise skills, fun personalities, and the undervalued charm of wit and humor. With so many unique talents and capabilities, we work together in proficient harmony. We consider ourselves lucky to work with people who are like family. There are few jobs more rewarding than seeing the life changing transformation of someone’s smile. Our lineup consists of diverse characters with a menagerie of strengths and weaknesses (shockingly, there are a few ;)) and a uniting enthusiasm to be the best orthodontic practice possible. Through the laughter and chatter customarily heard in our operatory, you will feel the genuine care and attention we give to each of our patients. We do not follow a template treatment plan or implement a timeline of procedures because you and your smile are special. You deserve an individualized experience that is exclusively for you. Our squad loves to have fun and laugh, and most days you will hear our latest jokes or crazy stories, but we will always deliver top notch, professional orthodontic care.


Financial Coordinator


Debbie has been with our practice since 1992. She is our financial coordinator (or fancy word for money collector). She is great at her job because she is genuine and relatable. She pretends to be tough but she is super tender hearted, especially if you are furry and have four legs. Debbie keeps us grounded with her conservative ways and we secretly slip her gingko so she will remember our names. She loves weird food and finds the best funny pictures the Internet has to offer. Debbie prides herself in one-person satires, usually at a patient's, or Dr. Pinsak's, expense, which surprisingly makes you like her even more. Beware if she gets tickled, she will laugh until she cries… or worse. Occasionally, Debbie likes to revert to her Jersey ways and drop a "yous guys" or "somewheres" mid conversation just to burn our southern ears. When Debbie isn't collecting your dough, she may be harvesting her chicken's hard earned eggs, reading (as slow as humanly possible), or spending time with her growing family. Debbie's newest job title is soon to be grandma. We are so excited for her and counting down the days to use our best "old lady" jokes on her.


Practice Coordinator


Krystal showed up as a borrowed employee from Dr. Pinsak's daughter, Jennifer, many summers ago and never seemed to leave. She is one of those annoying over-achievers that labels everything or puts it in shiny, color coordinated folders. You never know where you will see Krystal in the office. She is like the big sister of the office and chips in to help wherever she is needed. She is our go to for all things creative. Her favorite part of PR is politely making fun of us for the world to see. She is one of those people who seem to have everything in order- except for her car, or her purse, or most days her hair. She leans slightly towards OCD and will go from fun and friendly to fire breathing if you write in her planner. She is also known to stomp her feet in agitation. Krystal's other job titles include human Rolodex and computer whisperer.

When she isn't color-coding our inventory system or trying to make sense of Dr. P's next cockamamie idea, she is enjoying life with her two handsome blonde-headed guys. Being a mom has been her most rewarding occupation, with seeing orthodontics change a person's whole life being a close second.


Clinical Assistant


Angie has worked with Dr. Pinsak for over half of her life. She always knows where to find the “whatchamacallit” that we used that one time to do that cool wire trick a long time ago. Angie can usually be spotted in our latest winter ready attire, even in the summer time. She is easy to amuse and can be heard laughing through the air. If you happen to wear earplugs to the office, which we are sure some of our patients must do, you may think we have our own mime for office entertainment, but it's really just Angie's way of talking- with arms waving and fingers tapping. Angie's outgoing personality makes her the ideal team member to drive our van. The patients enjoy having her pick them up from school and she makes sure they stay in line! We like to think of her as our resident LEO. She enforces the law and wrangles the crazies. After all these years, Dr. P & Angie would be champs at charades! She has a gift to interpret whatever randomness Dr. P is throwing our way. Away from the office, Angie is most likely at a baseball field cheering (arms still waving) on her son and husband or enjoying time with her newlywed daughter.


Clinical Assistant


Aieral is the office baby. She may be the youngest, but her soul is as old as dirt. She knows every Old Wives' Tales and is as superstitious as a Salem witch. Which is coincidental, since Halloween is her favorite day of the year. Aieral is our mother hen and caretaker. She makes sure we all stay in line. Aieral sees the goodness in everyone and the butterflies and rainbows life has to offer. Her personality is magnetic and her smile is contagious. However, she can go from sweet to sassy in a nanosecond. Her hard headed ways make her a determined worker that never gives up. Having a young chick around has many advantages - she keeps our iTunes filled with the latest music and SnapChat filled with the latest makeup trends. Aieral knows the lyrics to every song EVER and has been known to eat leftovers in the refrigerator wayyyy after it was safe. Aieral loves her husband and her fur babies, and is the best Aunt ever to two little handsome dudes.


Clinical Assistant


We're pretty sure Casey has never met a stranger; she made herself at home with us on Day 1. Growing up a preacher's daughter, she has a serious case of happy-go-lucky. The rays of sunshine she exudes is almost borderline obnoxious. We need safety glasses when she is around, almost as much as she needs a filter for her sarcasm and random but hilarious thoughts. Her favorite pastime is determining what famous person you resemble. We hope she doesn't quit her day job. She is our fun size assistant, but don't let her size fool you, she is a believer in tough love. We have been unsuccessful in locating her battery pack, but we are certain that it never runs down. She makes the Energizer bunny green with envy. If orthodontics doesn't work out for her, she could always try her hand at auctioneering. In the meantime, we will be happy to provide interpretive services following her speed talking. Her speech pattern and attention span run at the same pace. One minute she is telling us (in her usual quick way) something random and most likely side splitting, the next minute… SQUIRREL. Casey is like the mystery flavor Air Heads - you never know what you're going to get when you open it, but you love it either way. When she isn't making messes and unnecessary noise or confusing everyone at the office, she likes to enjoy time with her high school sweetheart husband and their adorable son.