Meet Dr. Pinsak

Dr-P.jpgDr. George Pinsak knew from a very young age that he wanted to be an orthodontist. We have written proof of his life-long dream all the way back to 4th grade. (His handwriting hasn’t changed much since then.) After finishing his undergraduate program at Indiana University, Dr. Pinsak completed his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. He then joined the US Navy and was sent with the 1st Fleet Marines as a general dentist to extract wisdom teeth in Jacksonville. What he thought was sunny Jacksonville, FL turned out to be Jacksonville, NC- still a much warmer choice than the cold climate of his hometown, Niles, Michigan.

Dr. Pinsak completed his orthodontic program at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ before moving back to North Carolina. Dr. Pinsak has been practicing orthodontics in Monroe, NC since 1971. Here is where he met his wife, Union County native, Carol. Dr. Pinsak and Carol live on a farm in Monroe. They have a daughter, Jennifer, and son in law, Jeff, who live in Little River, SC. They are also the very proud grandparents of Hunter. Being Hunter's Papa is the only job to surpass Dr. P’s joy as an orthodontist.

meet-dr-2.jpgAway from the office, Dr. Pinsak can be found working on his next big project on his farm. He is always fabricating something new, working in the garden, or enjoying the beauty of nature. Dr. Pinsak's love for the outdoors is evident in his life achievements of becoming an Eagle Scout and his dedication to physical fitness as a long distance runner and health enthusiast. Dr. Pinsak is an avid animal lover and is newly smitten with his Goldendoodle pups, Colt and Carson. We think it’s their kindred hairstyles that truly bond Dr. P and his pups.

Dr. Pinsak can also be found shining up one of the cars in his collection. Each car has its own story and holds a special place with Dr. P. Our fear is one day a “surprise” purchase of one of these “prized” possessions may make him end up living in his own special place - the garage.

One of Dr. Pinsak's greatest qualities is the ability to find the fun in anything. He can take a joke about himself better than anyone. It is usually something completely random and sometimes even strange, but his enthusiasm is what pushes our team to strive for excellent patient care and comfort. We couldn't handpick a better leader for our team!